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The DC-3 Net never charges for a price estimate, but in order to prepare this estimate, it will be necessary for you to tell us quite a bit about yourself or your organization, your aviation background and experience, and most importantly your specific situation and what kind of a solution that we can help you with the most. Our privacy policy is clear. We will not in any case sell, give away, distribute, disseminate, or otherwise reveal any information that you provide via this reply. Our intent is to be able to understand your situation quickly and efficiently so that we can help you faster. From the information that you supply, we will send you a written ESTIMATE of what we think your total cost will be. An estimate just means that based on the information that we have at the time, we think that we can help you, and that we have an indication of approximately how much we think it will cost. If we cannot help you directly from our facility, we will make every effort to help you directly contact the person or organization that most likely can help. If this written ESTIMATE meets with your approval, we will contact you further in anticipation of the preparation of a formal price QUOTE that becomes binding on our part. That is to say that once issued, we will not alter the QUOTE, or increase the cost above the quoted price, and that we will guarantee your completed solution at or below the quoted price. All price quotes are valid for a period of calendar 90 days from the date indicated on the quote, regardless of any price increases in fuel or maintenance that we encounter. We require 25% of this total price quote to be paid in advance in order to hold your proposed dates for completion, to schedule the examiner if required, and to schedule any other persons or organizations that will be necessary for completion. We accept personal checks, or if you like to collect points or miles, we certainly can accept VISA or MASTERCARD.

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Tell us about your situation and what solution that we can help you with. Please give as much detail as you can so that we can better understand what solution might be best for you.

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