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TRAINING! But more specifically, Douglas DC-3 ground and flight training. If your situation has to do with finding that missing piece for the DC-3 training solution that you need, then you have come to the right place. We feel so strongly about this topic that we have devoted a complete TRAINING NETWORK section of this web site just to this subject. We want to help you, the aviator find the best way to quickly and efficiently find the best solution for almost any DC-3 training situation. That training may be completed with us, or together we may determine that another person or organization is more suited to help you best. In any case, we are committed to helping you find the DC-3 solution that is the best for you and your DC-3 situation! There is a solution for your situation. The DC-3 NET can help you find it!

If you choose to visit our facility here in Atlanta, GA you will quickly find that we will work very hard with you on a one on one basis each day while you are here. We are one of the few remaining DC-3 training providers in the United States that offer actual ground and flight training in the Douglas DC-3. We have it all together, and it is all here. We have the aircraft, the books, the manuals, the checklists, the courses, the examiner, the maintenance, the spare parts, and the facilities. All of our DC-3 training always includes a full and complete written price quote. Our price quote always includes your free use of full accommodations, ground transportation, hangar space for your airplane, one on one ground and flight instruction, and all the required paperwork and recommendations. Our accommodations include full private facilities in our training center, satellite TV, high speed internet access, and free local telephone. Our DC-3 training always includes all books, manuals, checklists, ground instruction, flight instruction, logbook endorsements, and FAA 8710 forms if required. If required, your checkride is already scheduled and set on the calendar before you ever leave to come and train with us. And speaking of the checkride, our examiner is on site and conducts the oral portion of the exam at our training facility. For any initial DC-3 type rating training, the examiner fee is included.

Our aircraft is a very well maintained DC-3 with all new control surfaces and new avionics, including a Garmin 430 GPS. With over 55,000 accident free hours on the airframe, it has new engines and props. We now also have in stock and on our shelves a spare component for almost every rotatable part on the aircraft. We have built up this inventory so that in case of a component failure during your stay with us, our downtime will be minimal. We also have some of the worlds most experienced DC-3 engine, airframe, and maintenance personnel on contract and available 24 hours a day.

We have lots of training solutions available for the DC-3, but we know that whatever your interest, you will find that you actually enjoy the training, and we know you will enjoy that new certificate or rating when it is all done and complete. Be sure to bring the camera because there will be plenty of opportunity for some great photos of you flying this beautiful classic airliner. And when we are done, we always try to save an evening for a small celebration dinner. You worked hard, you deserve it! Congratulations, dinner is on us! 

Here are some things that we can do for you!


With an existing multi-engine private, commercial or ATP certificate, our DC-3 initial program takes you from start to finish and completes the program with the issuance of a new FAA temporary airman certificate stamped "DC-3" on it! We train by and follow the FAA Type rating PTS for the DC-3 This initial course can take anywhere from 8 to 15 flight hours to complete, mostly depending on your ability and past experience. Having this rating on your airman certificate is becoming a real rarity with the disappearance of this aircraft world wide. If you have the ATP written test complete and would like your pilot certificate upgraded from commercial to ATP in conjunction with this type rating, we can accomplish that at the same time as well. 


If you are interested in flying as a co-pilot or first officer crew member on a DC-3, we can help. In accordance with FAR 61.55, you need to have at least a multi-engine private pilot certificate and become familiar with the operational procedures for the powerplant, equipment, and systems, performance and limitations,, normal, abnormal and emergency procedures, the flight manual, and the placards and markings. For the flight training the FAR's require 3 takeoff's and landings to a full stop as the sole manipulator of the flight controls, training in engine out procedures, CRM, and maneuvering with an engine out. An examiner is not required for this endorsement, and this training can normally be completed in less than 5 flying hours.


If you already have the DC-3 type rating, but need an annual check in accordance with FAR 61 or 135, we can accomplish this as well. An examiner or a PPE (pilot Proficiency Examiner) is required for this check, and this training can normally be completed in less than 5 flying hours. We have an examiner and a PPE on site, and numerous other PPE's that are readily available.


If you have already received a SIC endorsement for the DC-3 and have already have been flying as a co-pilot or first officer on this aircraft, you need an annual SIC check every 12 months. We can accomplish this as well. Normally completed in less than 5 flying hours including the flight test, this SIC check can be for FAR part 91 or 135. 


If you have ever wanted to know more about this great aircraft, we can help. If you have ever wanted to actually fly it, now is your chance! If you are at least 21 years of age, you may be interested in just sitting left seat and actually flying this great aircraft just for fun! If you have at least a commercial and multi-engine pilots license and a valid second class medical or higher, we offer familiarization flights. On a "fam" flight you will sit left seat, start the engines, taxi, takeoff, fly the approaches and landings, and taxi back in. You need to have the above qualifications and at least 2000 Hours total time to do this. For more information on this program, see our "FLY IT!" tab to the left.

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